core1 W3 [ko: US ko:r] n
2¦(most important part)¦
4 to the core
6¦(nuclear reactor)¦
1.) ¦(FRUIT)¦
the hard central part of a fruit such as an apple
Remove the cores, and bake the apples for 40 minutes.
the most important or central part of something
core of
The core of the book focuses on the period between 1660 and 1857.
Debt is at the core of the problem.
3.) ¦(PEOPLE)¦
a number of people who form a group which is very important to an organization
The business needs a new core of trained administrators.
a core group of clients
→↑hard core
4.) to the core
extremely or completely
shaken/shocked/thrilled to the core
When I heard the news, I was shaken to the core.
That woman is rotten to the core !
He was a bureaucrat to the core.
5.) ¦(PLANET)¦
the central part of the Earth or any other ↑planet
the central part of a ↑nuclear reactor
core 2
core2 adj
1.) core curriculum/subjects/skills etc
subjects that have to be studied at a school or college
the national core curriculum
the core subjects of English, maths, and science
Schools have to deliver the core skills.
2.) core business/activities/operations etc
the main business or activities of a company or organization
The core business of airlines is flying people and cargo from place to place.
the company's core product
3.) core values/beliefs
the values or beliefs that are most important to someone
the core values of American liberalism, such as taxing the rich to help the poor
core 3
core3 v [T]
to remove the centre from a fruit

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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